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Sixfold Betrayal: A whodunit Murder Mystery

Sandy Hanley



A double murder, disguised as a boating accident, claims the lives of two cousins, leaving an immense fortune hanging in the balance. Haunted by a past tragedy, Detective Sean Lloyd travels from London to Halifax Manor to investigate.
While there, Lloyd is drawn into a dark web of household secrets, implicating the remaining four cousins. When Lloyd becomes attached to one of the cousins, Evie Osborne, he is forced to confront his demons. As Lloyd probes the girl's mind for clues, he summons up more than he bargains for. As he races against the clock to solve the crime before the murderer strikes again, every revelation brings him closer to a shocking and unforgettable conclusion.




The Book Viral Review:

An excellent read, with all the elements of a great mystery thriller, ‘Six-fold Betrayal’ is a gripping page-turner which leaves you guessing to the very end.

Once entangled, Detective Sean Lloyd fights to maintain distance as he picks through clues and evidence, even venturing into the psyche of Evie, one of the young cousins with whom he has become inextricably linked. In the vulnerable and seemingly defenseless Evie, he sees his own daughter, Ellen, cruelly snatched from him years before by the very crime he now investigates, as he finds himself hopelessly falling for her Mother, Anna.

Hanley carefully leads her reader through a minefield of deception, half-truth and emotional wreckage as aunts and cousins unravel in a fascinating spider web of cat and mouse, with Lloyd placed firmly at the helm of its development.

Ruthlessly swaying her reader’s emotions between pity and disgust, her characterization is clever and complex, each player developed fully with a decisive hand. A perfect smattering of tension is enhanced by great descriptive prowess, with heart-stopping moments completing a full spectrum of curiosity to sickening terror, rendering Six-fold Betrayal a faultlessly structured tale of murder and mayhem.

Wonderfully absorbing descriptive passages enhance the plot and atmosphere, lending a sense of reality to each scene, from the deliciously appointed Halifax Manor to the mists and rain of an English climate.

An entertainingly immersive read in memory of Hanley’s inspirational literary role model, Agatha Christie, and a perfect Sunday afternoon prelude to high tea Six-Fold Betrayal is certainly recommended.



Sixfold Betrayal ticks all the boxes of a great cozy mystery. I felt the author authentically portrayed the times in England that led up to the Second World War. Aside from being a great mystery, it also had great character development and an excellent pace.

~ Audrey M.



As a fan of Hercule Poirot and British mysteries,

I thoroughly enjoyed Sixfold Betrayal. 

It’s the perfect book to dive into on a frosty
winter night, or a sunny day at the beach.

~ Cat R.



An enjoyable read full of completely unexpected twists and turns.
I definitely recommend Sixfold Betrayal.

~ Nelson A.